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Why Unity?

A lot of people, both co-workers and not, have asked me why I “chose” Unity for my post-Microsoft career. Although I documented (sort of) why I broke up with Microsoft, and talked in a few other places about my role, I guess I haven’t publicly shared why I’m at Unity (vs any other tech company). […]

Testing Smarter

The folks at Hexawise just published an interview with me as part of their new “Testing Smarter” series. It’s the typical stuff plus one mini-rant. The interview is here, and there’s a(n empty) reddit thread as well.

Forty days in

Calendar math says I’m a few hours into the 39th day since I started at Unity. I’m still well within the honeymoon window, but my optimism and excitement about working here continue to grow. It’s just a pretty damn cool place to work. I’ve met most of my team face to face, and will spend more […]

Oh the tests I’ll run

Last week, Katrina Clokie (@katrina_tester) asked this question on twitter:   Has anyone dynamically ordered automated checks so that those most likely to fail are executed first, then the build can fail fast? — Katrina Clokie (@katrina_tester) February 24, 2017 I gave a few abbreviated answers based on my experience, and promised to write up […]

The New World

I mentioned on twitter that Barack Obama and I both left our old jobs on the same day. The world has been a very different place for both of us since then. Twitter is full of politics – and I’m completely ok with that, and happy to join in with my own opinions and thoughts. […]


For those of you who missed it on Twitter or in the AB Testing Podcast, my unemployment lasted (as planned) just a bit over week. On January 30, I started work at Unity, heading up quality for their various services. I spent most of last week trying to learn as much as I can and […]

The Breakup

This one goes out to the one I love. This one goes out to the one I left behind -REM Relationships are both challenging and rewarding. As adults, we’ve all gone through dozens of relationships – some short, some long, some very long. They all have their ups and downs; their ebbs and flows; and […]

Asking Questions

I love reading twitter after I give a talk, because I can review what I said and make sure I agree with it (I never know what will come out of my mouth when I’m on a stage in front of people – it’s part of my presentation style). At TestBash in Philadelphia, I (apparently) […]

Watch out for the HiPPO

Way back in 2008 when I wrote chapter three of HWTSAM, I briefly mentioned the HiPPO in the context of ship room (war room) meeting structure: Everyone’s voice is important. A phrase heard in many war rooms is “Don’t listen to the HiPPO”—where HiPPO is an acronym for highest-paid person’s opinion. It was a term […]


I mentioned this at TestBash a few weeks ago (and on a yet-unreleased ABTesting podcast) – and probably on twitter too, but my third “secret” project in a row at Microsoft (following Xbox One and the science project to make Android apps run on Windows Phone) was finally announced to the world on November 2nd. […]

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