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An Angry Weasel Hiatus

I mentioned this on twitter a few times, but should probably mention it here for completeness. I’m taking a break. I’m taking a break from blogging, twitter, and most of all, my day job. Beyond July 4, 2014, I’ll be absent from the Microsoft campus for a few months– and most likely from social media […]

Alan and Brent are /still/ talking…

In case you missed it, Brent and I are still recording testing podcasts. I stopped posting the announcements for every podcast post on this blog, but if you want to subscribe, you have a few choices. You can Subscribe via RSS You can Subscribe via iTunes You can bookmark the podcast blog You can follow […]

Stop, If You Want To…

Well – that was a fun post. The dust hasn’t quite settled, but a follow up is definitely in order.  First, some context. I was committed to giving a lightning talk as part of STAR East’s “Lightning Strikes the Keynotes” hour. I purposely didn’t pick a topic before I left, and figured I would come […]

Stop Writing Automation

After releasing The A Word, I didn’t plan on writing any more posts about automation. But, after pondering transitions in test, and after reading this post from Noah Sussman, I have a thought in my head that I need to share. I don’t think testers should write automation. I suppose I better explain myself. All […]

Testing Trends…or not?

I read this article over the weekend about five emerging trends in software testing – Test Automation; Rise of mobile and cloud; Emphasis on security; Context-driven testing; and More business involvement. I fully acknowledge that I work in a software development environment that isn’t like many others, but while reading the article, I really didn’t […]

AB Testing – Episode 3

Yes – it’s more of Brent and Alan yelling at each other. But this time, Brent says that he, “hates the Agile Manifesto”. I also talk about my trip to Florida, and we discuss estimation and planning and a bunch of other stuff. Subscribe to the ABTesting Podcast! Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes

Users, Usage, Usability, and Data

The day job (and a new podcast) have been getting the bulk of my time lately, but I’m way overdue to talk about data and quadrants. If you need a bit of context or refresher on my stance, this post talks about my take on Brian Marick’s quadrants (used famously by Gregory and Crispin in […]

More Test Talk with Brent

Brent and I gabbed about testing again last week – or sort of…We mostly talked about change management, and why people avoid or embrace change. We’ll probably settle back to a once every two weeks posting after this – or some sort of regular, sustainable cadence. Subscribe to the ABTesting Podcast! Subscribe via RSS Subscribe […]

Alan and Brent talk testing…

Brent Jensen and I found some time together recently to talk about testing. For some reason, we decided to record it. Worse yet, we decided to share it! I suppose we’ll keep this up until we either run out of things to say (unlikely), or until the internet tells us to shut up (much more […]

Swiss Testing Day 2014

As you may have noticed, my blogging has slowed. I’ve been navigating and ramping up on a new team and helping the team shift roles (all fun stuff). I’ve also been figuring out how to work in a big org (our team is “small”, but it’s part of one of Microsoft’s “huge” orgs – and […]