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AB Testing – Episode 3

Yes – it’s more of Brent and Alan yelling at each other. But this time, Brent says that he, “hates the Agile Manifesto”. I also talk about my trip to Florida, and we discuss estimation and planning and a bunch of other stuff. Subscribe to the ABTesting Podcast! Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes

Users, Usage, Usability, and Data

The day job (and a new podcast) have been getting the bulk of my time lately, but I’m way overdue to talk about data and quadrants. If you need a bit of context or refresher on my stance, this post talks about my take on Brian Marick’s quadrants (used famously by Gregory and Crispin in […]

More Test Talk with Brent

Brent and I gabbed about testing again last week – or sort of…We mostly talked about change management, and why people avoid or embrace change. We’ll probably settle back to a once every two weeks posting after this – or some sort of regular, sustainable cadence. Subscribe to the ABTesting Podcast! Subscribe via RSS Subscribe […]

Alan and Brent talk testing…

Brent Jensen and I found some time together recently to talk about testing. For some reason, we decided to record it. Worse yet, we decided to share it! I suppose we’ll keep this up until we either run out of things to say (unlikely), or until the internet tells us to shut up (much more […]

Swiss Testing Day 2014

As you may have noticed, my blogging has slowed. I’ve been navigating and ramping up on a new team and helping the team shift roles (all fun stuff). I’ve also been figuring out how to work in a big org (our team is “small”, but it’s part of one of Microsoft’s “huge” orgs – and […]

Some Principles

I’ve been thinking a lot less about testing activities lately, and much, much more on how we to make higher quality software in general. The theme is evident from my last several blog posts, but I’m still figuring out exactly what that means for me. What it boils down to, is a few principles that […]

Riffing on the Quadrants

In 2003, Brian Marick introduced the concept of “Agile Quadrants” to describe the scope of testing[1] (later expanded on by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory[2]). Several people (including me) have expanded and elaborated on the quadrants to describe the scope and activities of testing. Here’s a version of the testing quadrants. One challenge I’ve seen […]

Australia 2013-2014

No testing related content in this post – just a quick trip report of our family vacation to Australia that I can point people to as necessary. Sydney (part 1) After a long flight, we landed in Sydney, where we immediately set out to explore a bit (I’ve found that walking in the sun is […]


I’m back at the job after a long break (including a month vacationing in Australia – trip report coming). I spent a chunk of time after the Xbox One ship figuring out what the next step in my software career was going to be. In the days up to the Xbox One launch, I hinted […]

Year End Clearance

I’m on vacation, and this post is auto-generated. See, you can trust automation sometimes… Another year gone by, and another few dozen posts. Here are the top viewed posts of the last year (note – not all of these were written last year – this is just what people read the most last year). In […]