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Madness, Math and (half) Marathons – and Medium!

I decided that in the rare occurrences where I post non-software articles, that I’d use a blog on Medium and post my attempts at story-telling along with the rest of the world. My first post is here.

Intelligence and Insight

I have an after-work event tonight, and rather than leave my car in the garage overnight, I ran to work. Since I’ve moved to downtown Bellevue, I’ve done this a few times – and given that I’m running another half-marathon in 10 days, it was a great opportunity for a long training run before I […]

Creative Work

It’s early January, but I think I’ve already read at least a half dozen web articles on how testers need to be creative and use their brains, etc.. The articles are exactly on point in some sense, but most give me the feeling that the authors think that software testing is (one of) the only […]

Roles and Fluidity

I had a twitter conversation this week about roles this week. I’ll recap it – and expand on my views; but first I’ll tell a story. Very early on in the Windows 98 project, I was performing some exploratory testing on the explorer shell and found an interesting (and slightly weird bug). At the end […]

What Happened?

As I approach the half-century mark of existence, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve ended up where I am…so excuse me while I ramble out loud. Seriously, how did a music major end up as a high level software engineer at a company like Microsoft? I have interviewed hundreds of people for Microsoft, who, on […]

Let’s Do This!

A lot of people want to see changes happen. Some of those want to make change happen. Whether it’s introducing a new tool to a software team, changing a process, or shifting a culture, many people have tried to make changes happen. And many of those have failed. I’ve known “Jeff” for nearly 20 years. […]

Eurostar mobile deep dive

I posted slides from my Eurostar Mobile Deep Dive presentation on slideshare. I had a great time, and hope you find them useful. Let me know if you have questions.

Worst Presentation Ever

Last night I dreamt about the worst presentation ever. Sometimes I was presenting, sometimes I was watching, but it was frighteningly bad. Fortunately, my keynote this morning went well – and now that it has, I’ll share what happened (including some conscious editing to make sure I cover all of the bases). It begins… Moderator: […]

Scope and Silos

I’ve watched a lot of teams try to be more agile or more adaptive, or just move to faster shipping cadence. It has taken me a while, but I think I see a pattern, and the hard stuff boils down to two things. Scope and Silos Scope Scope, in this context, is everything that goes […]

Prezo Prep

This post is completely inspired by Trish Khoo’s post on Preparing for Your Presentation. I was going to add a comment, but it got too long, so it’s becoming a blog post. Go ahead and read that first – it covers way more than I’m covering here, and it’s a well written article. Trish suggests […]

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