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A week of bad code

Earlier this month, I spent a week in beautiful Copenhagen at what’s called a R&D Training week. The goal is that every new Unity engineer spends a week at the Copenhagen office, learning about the systems we use, and about engineering at Unity. Granted, since I’m on the services side, a big chunk of the […]

Failure to Launch

In my role on Teams, I was “in charge” of quality – which eventually turned into everything from the moment code was checked in until it was deployed to our end-users. At one point during development, we had a fully usable product with no known blocking issues. We were missing key features, performance was slow […]

The Fallacy of Now

A long time ago (for most of us), we built products over a long period of time, and hoped that customers liked what we built. It was important to give them all of the features they may need, as we wouldn’t be able to get them new features until the next release, which was usually at […]

Two new…schools?

It’s been six years since James Whittaker proclaimed that test was dead (and many people still haven’t figured out what he really meant), and since then testing has continued to change dramatically.   For some of us.   But not for others.   Earlier this week, I linked to an article titled “Stop Hiring Testers”. The title, […]

Why Unity?

A lot of people, both co-workers and not, have asked me why I “chose” Unity for my post-Microsoft career. Although I documented (sort of) why I broke up with Microsoft, and talked in a few other places about my role, I guess I haven’t publicly shared why I’m at Unity (vs any other tech company). […]

Testing Smarter

The folks at Hexawise just published an interview with me as part of their new “Testing Smarter” series. It’s the typical stuff plus one mini-rant. The interview is here, and there’s a(n empty) reddit thread as well.

Forty days in

Calendar math says I’m a few hours into the 39th day since I started at Unity. I’m still well within the honeymoon window, but my optimism and excitement about working here continue to grow. It’s just a pretty damn cool place to work. I’ve met most of my team face to face, and will spend more […]

Oh the tests I’ll run

Last week, Katrina Clokie (@katrina_tester) asked this question on twitter:   Has anyone dynamically ordered automated checks so that those most likely to fail are executed first, then the build can fail fast? — Katrina Clokie (@katrina_tester) February 24, 2017 I gave a few abbreviated answers based on my experience, and promised to write up […]

The New World

I mentioned on twitter that Barack Obama and I both left our old jobs on the same day. The world has been a very different place for both of us since then. Twitter is full of politics – and I’m completely ok with that, and happy to join in with my own opinions and thoughts. […]


For those of you who missed it on Twitter or in the AB Testing Podcast, my unemployment lasted (as planned) just a bit over week. On January 30, I started work at Unity, heading up quality for their various services. I spent most of last week trying to learn as much as I can and […]

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