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Five for Friday – November 17

I’m heading back into a flurry of travel after taking it light for several months. This time, I plan to take Austin Kleon’s advice on Never pay for wi-fi to heart and take the travel time purely for reading, drawing, and reflecting. I’m still reading Pragmatic Thinking and Learning and thinking a lot about the Dreyfus model […]

The Worrisome World of Words

In software testing, we use a lot of words – some well known, others less so – to describe our testing activities. For as long as I’ve been in software (which is longer than most of you), we’ve debated and argued which descriptions, and which combinations of words best describe the various activities that fall […]

Five for Friday – November 10

Had my entire team visit me in Seattle (Bellevue) this week, so I’m a little slow on this week’s share. This quote about Agile is something I think I’ll repeat frequently – “Agile is worthless unless it serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement. ” The full article (here) is also worth the read. Twitter appears […]

Me, elsewhere

I shared an article on rotten automation on the testproject blog here – A was also part of of Engel Jones 12-minute podcast series. My interview (very little about testing) is here –  

Five for Friday – November 3

Here are five things that caught my attention this week. I created a mind-map for an article I have coming out next week. It reminded me how valuable mind-maps are for communicating information. I’ve had a lot of luck using them as test strategy docs, as the visual nature gets much more engagement and feedback than a […]

Five for Friday – October 27

Five things floating through my head this week. I’ve referred to a line from Leadership on the Line (Heifetz / Linsky) more than once this week (and hundreds of times over the years), but worth sharing again here. “Leadership is disappointing people at a level they can absorb”. I’ve frequently used “… at a level they can tolerate“, […]

Five for Friday – October 20

As promised, back again with five things I think are worth sharing this week. First off, everyone needs to read this post from Cassandra Leung. It’s a well written and haunting view into sexual harassment. It’s something we all should read, reflect, and keep in mind as we grow any community we are part of. This […]

Titles – They’re Still Useless

In what seems like a lifetime ago (it’s been six years), I wrote about Titles for Testers (tl;dr – they don’t matter). My wordpress stats tell me that it’s one of my most popular posts with links from a crapload of sites. The 2017 update is that titles still don’t matter. Well, they do in […]

The Lure of Testing

People talk a lot about how they got into testing (I was told I was a tester on my first day at a tech support job), but for those of us who have been in testing roles for a substantial amount of time, I think it’s equally important to think about why we have stayed in […]

The Myth of the Degree

There’s been s lot reported lately on the Equifax security breach. Equifax failed to apply a security patch for Apache Struts in a timely manner, and attackers took advantage of this to get at a whole lot of customer data. What we don’t know at this time is whether this was a fluke due to a […]

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