Surface Update

If you read my last post (sorry, no link – I’m not ready to try that yet), you’ll know that I’m attempting to use my Microsoft surface device as my only electronic device on my trip to Amsterdam for Eurostar.

So far, it’s working ok. The cover/keyboard works better than I though tit would – although I seem to have a problem with it registering the space bar a lot. You really do need to be a good touch typer to have confidence with this thing.

My presentation tweaks aren’t quite done, so I’ll have to put this thing through a few more paces to see what I really think. I’m also curious to see how limited the Surface is with no internet connection (I assume I’ll find myself in that situation on this trip, but we’ll see).

Boarding in a few minutes – more updates from Amsterdam.

ugh – first problem is that the wordpress app won’t publish my post…

Continued: Because I can’t post, I’ll continue with my update. My first bad experience has little to do with the surface – it’s that the wordpress app is lame. I won’t describe the depths of the lameness, but I will say that I’ll likely post this directly from my blog rather than the WP app.

I just spent 30 minutes or so tweaking my slides – that was a good experience. Typing is still a bit weird (and I still miss the space bar about every ten words or so), but for formatting, moving slides around, etc. the Surface works remarkably well. I find the screen size and resolution seem to be just about perfect for working on an airplane (I’ll find out if I say the same for hotel rooms and coffee shops in an upcoming post).

More later (when I find Wi-Fi).


  1. Posted November 5, 2012 at 5:54 am | Permalink

    I thought the WP app was for reading only. Did you even find a way to do a post? What’s lame about the app the last time I tried it: wouldn’t even let me view WP blogs that I wanted to view (like this one). WP picks them for me. This would be fine if it picked something I cared about.

    Office 2013 has a ‘post to blog’ facility in Word that is absolutely fantastic, if you haven’t tried it out yet.

    • Posted November 10, 2012 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

      The WP app can connect directly to a blog – it just seems to have a hard time posting. The WP phone app, otoh, can post, approve comments, look at stats, etc. It looks like WP was just in a hurry to get an app out – I expect they’ll clean it up over time.

      Word has always had (at least for a few versions) a post to blog feature – but I don’t see it in the RT version of word.

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