Five for Friday – April 3, 2020

Here we go again

Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Five for Friday – March 27, 2020

I’m settling into being at home all day – my work hasn’t really changed, it’s just odd never going anywhere. Here’s some stuff for you to ponder over the weekend.

  • This week’s Covid-19 info isn’t as good as last week’s data-filled article, but it has some good info – which is a bit surprising given that it’s an AMA with healthcare givers on Reddit
  • I’ve been using Goodreads quite a bit more lately – including slowly adding more of my library to my shelves. Here’s a link to my stuff.
  • I’ve also spent a few hours at Board Game Arena – it works well at the free level, but it’s a helpful enough platform that it didn’t take me long to send them some money
  • I’ve bookmarked this article on prototypes, proof of concept and MVPs – it’s stuff I end up discussing way too often – now I can just point them here.
  • Finally, an interesting story about what happens when a popular node library loses its owner.

Five for Friday (or Saturday) – March 20, 2020

One thing that I’ve found interesting now that all of my coworkers are working from home is that they schedule more meetings. I think this is a good thing – but wow has my calendar exploded.

I still found a few things worth sharing.

  • The media and blogs are filled with articles on Covid-19 – so much so that am limiting the time I spend reading about it. Sometimes, however, I find an article that is sensible without being alarming. This article on Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance speaks a lot of sense and is crammed full of charts and graphs for all of us data-nerds
  • I don’t share Unity links here that often, but when I do, it’s because I think they’re worth reading. This one on experimentation and data to optimize a game is worth the read. Will the grass be greener with interstitial ads?
  • I often get annoyed with people who blame management for their own inability to influence. Now I wonder if managers really are the problem. This survey data on managers and their teams is frightening.
  • I’ve been playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps a bit lately – I normally don’t like platformers, but it’s so beautiful to play that I find it the best way to unwind from a day at the (home) office.
  • In news that wouldn’t have made any sense at all just a month or so ago, Restaurant giving out toilet paper with take-out orders over $25

Stay safe out there


Five for Friday – March 13, 2020

It’s the WFH edition of FfF – which isn’t really any different from any other edition of FfF

  • Ministry of Test had to cancel two of their conferences this week. They are such a fantastic resource for anyone interested in quality – if you don’t have a Pro membership with them (ridiculously cheap at ~$300), please look at the benefits and consider it.
    Brent doesn’t know it yet, but I think we’re going to figure out how to give away a Pro membership at some point to someone deserving.
  • Speaking of supporting good stuff with $$, I finally bought a membership to Medium. I was getting around their article limits by reading in incognito windows – or avoiding articles I didn’t think would be worth my 3-per-week limit, but I realized that I could just save myself a few hundred or more dollars worth of time by buying a year membership for the price of a craft cocktail in Manhattan.
  • This article on what to do with an employee obsessed with promotion brought back a lot of memories of msft – but had some good advice as well.
  • I love (LOVE!) this article on Building a Culture of Experimentation from HBR. I may have to subscribe there as well…
  • I’ve had a lot of fun this week playing Guess My Word. Good luck with your binary searching. My record this week is finding a word in 9 guesses in just under a minute (normal).
    Good luck.

Five for Friday – March 6, 2020

I hope everyone is staying healthy and staying at home as much as you can. While you’re at home, here’s some stuff for you.

Five for Friday – February 28, 2020

  • I read Outcomes over Output on a plane ride to the bay area yesterday. It’s a quick read, and full of great information and reminders on delivering customer outcomes and behavior changes (which ultimately result in business and customer value).
  • I also just read Radical Focus – it’s a book (a business novel) about effective use of OKRs to drive goals. It’s also a quick read, and another I can recommend to anyone who wants more effective OKRs, or just a better way to focus their teams work against results.
    I didn’t plan it, but these two books are highly complimentary – ymmv
  • What is a platform anyway? Read the article for a good answer.
  • Because it had to exist – a radial visualization of Corona virus infection.
  • I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is bad-ass – but I love that Ted Cruz tried to call her out this week for voicing her disappointment in Pence’s corona virus credentials. Here’s a recap.

Five for Friday (ish) – February 21, 2020

I spent a big chunk of yesterday driving back from my yearly visit to Whistler BC, but still have a few things to share.

Five for Friday – February 14, 2020

Once again, I’m a day late, but who am I kidding – you read these on Monday anyway.

Five for Friday – February 7, 2020

  • I just finished a re-read (or the first read of the second edition) or Release It! It is crammed full of things that everyone working on a website or software service should know – including this painful nugget:
    GitHub currently shows 288,093 commits with the title “Removed password.” Tomorrow that number will be higher.
  • Sometimes I don’t remember how I found an article, but I do know that it resonates. This article on Systems Thinking for Product Design aligns a lot with my approaches
  • Yet-another – but probably the best list of how-to-git is here
  • I’ve become one of those people who ocassionally uses icons as small graphics in their presentations. I’m sure I’ll bore of it soon – in the meantime, The Noun Project is the best source I’ve found for CC-licensed icons.
  • In years of helping teams improve, one consistency I’ve noticed is that teams usually don’t recognize all of their technical debt. This article on a Wall of Tech Debt is one way to help with that deficiency

Five for Friday – January 31, 2020

Early edition this week before I jump on a 10 hour flight home.

  • An interesting article on the dark side of expertise
  • Mot of you have heard of Google’s Testing on the Toilet initiative (one pagers on testing and engineering posted on stall doors). Now, here’s an academic paper on the topic
  • For a decade (or two?), I’ve found value in code check-in metrics. Noah Sussman has a fantastic article exploring this topic
  • I attended an internal conference this week, where I gave presentations on achieving quality without qa, developing a quality culture, and co-presented a root-cause analysis workshop. You can get a brief recap by viewing the #unityqweek hashtag on twitter
  • I don’t agree with this article – Monoliths are the future – but there are interesting points. Coincidentally, I recently read Team Topologies (I’ll share quotes in a future FfF), and for me, it definitely set my frame for reading this article.