Five for Friday – April 12, 2024

Another week – a few more interesting discoveries from the internet.

  • First off – the 2024 DORA survey is out. I look forward to seeing the results and analysis when they’re available.
  • I continue to be a fan of Steve Denning’s writing – and of simple heuristics as well. His latest article on A Powerful Tool That Sees Behind The Financial Headlines is really interesting.
  • I found Sad Servers this week. It’s like a CTF – but for debugging linux servers.
  • I dropped using Windows when I left Microsoft (and used a Mac laptop my last year there). But it’s taken me until this week to discover RayCast, and I’m an insta-fan.
  • Finally, HBR hit it out of the park with this short – and painfully accurate article on 4 Reasons Why Managers Fail.

That’s Five, so I’m out. Have a great weekend.


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