Five for Friday – April 19, 2024

I’m back for another week of weird – or sometimes interesting things I’ve found on the internet.

  • First up, is Fallout on Amazon Prime. Fallout 4 is probably my favorite video game of all time, so I was a little hesitant to watch the series…but it’s fantastic. It’s a great story, and has a nice amount of pulls directly from the game while building on the Fallout world.
  • This week, Dan Ariely wrote In Defense of Mistakes – which is really just another article advocating to learn from mistakes, but it’s still worth reading.
  • I stumbled on this article about whether or not you really need to store all that telemetry. I remember talking to a developer on the Exchange team ~15 years ago, and at that time they had a lot of similar struggles – but nowhere near as elegant of a response as in this article.
  • This article has a retrospectively obvious title with a great support story. Most micromanagers are blind to being seen as one.
  • I’ve been reading Move Fast and Fix Things, and enjoying it. It reinforces the necessity of trust building when driving organizational change. It’s on the money with some good ideas.

And that wraps up another week. Hope you found something interesting.

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