Five for Friday – April 21, 2023

It is trying to be spring in the pacific northwest – but mostly failing. I’m trying to get out more, but it’s still wet and muddy on the trails, but I expect I’ll be complaining about the heat in another month or two. I did spend a little time on the internet this week, and here are my usual almost-half-dozen things that I thought were interesting.

  • Today’s obligatory AI / Chat GPT article is important to read – The New Risks ChatGPT Poses to Cybersecurity
  • I’ve been thinking about API guidelines recently, and it made me think of Pact – which is awesome for API contracts – but then I saw this article from two years ago that made me smile. Glad I’m not the only one barking up this tree – Proving E2E tests are a Scam
  • I really enjoyed this post on If You See Something, Say Something. I like the idea of asking, “what makes you say that?” when someone says something that…isn’t quite right.
  • It’s been a while since Mike Cohn has made an appearance on FfF, but his latest article on Concurrent Engineering & Overlapping Work on Agile teams captures a lot of important points – and asks a few good questions. So few teams “doing Agile” are actually agile, and Mike always has good tips to get out of this rut.
  • I worked on the guts of Windows enough to now be a Linux and Mac advocate – and also enough to know that this article is worth pointing out. The weird world of Windows file paths.

And that’s the list for this week. Have a good weekend everyone.

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