Five for Friday – February 15, 2019

Another week, another random five things I found interesting.

  • lists AB Testing in their top 10 software testing podcasts. Although it has “Testing” in the name, my 2019 goal is to get AB Testing into more Agile or Software Development podcast lists.
  • Joel Montvelisky, who is one of the three AB Testing listeners is on the Radio STP podcast this week and does a great job talking about where testing is going. I’d say this even if Joel didn’t plug the podcast.
  • In yet-another-podcast-reference, Lisa Crispin makes yet another appearance in my FfF list. She’s on the Legacy Code Rocks podcast talking about Agile Testing and a lot of the approaches I love.
  • This is an interesting take on the demise of micro-services – Microsoervices vs The World
  • Almost a quarter century ago, I worked on the Windows 95 team. Now, my life has come full circle, as I can now run Win95 as an app in Electron

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