Five for Friday – June 21, 2019

Between the job kicking my butt and trying to watch both the Gold Cup and the Women’s World Cup, I haven’t browsed much past Grafana dashboards and Google docs this week. So this week, I’m sharing a few sites that aren’t new to me – but are sites I use a lot.

  • The EV Trip Planner is essential for electric car owners. I use it for even minor road trips to make sure I have a good plan for places to stop
  • I use the Pomodoro technique frequently, and use this Tomato Timer app to help. It’s simple, easy, and does exactly what one needs to Pomodoro
  • I played Dungeons and Dragons in my pre-teens and teens, and then picked it up again a year or two ago. DnD Beyond is an awesome companion and saves me from remembering to do all of the math
  • I’ve been lifting weights regularly for about two years now. The symmetric strength site is a fun tool to use to estimate lifts, and see how your lifts compare.
  • Ok – one new article this week. Interesting article on banning coding books from prisons

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