Five for Friday – May 10, 2024

It’s Friday, and there’s a lot going on in the world. I am finding the latest (and current) Trump trial interesting, and there’s big news in the Swifty world this week – but I’ll keep my links this week to the tech and leadership adjacent topics I usually try and stick with (just kidding – it’s almost all AI)

  • First up is a shout out to my new favorite terminal – warp. It’s sort of perfect for me, and massively customizable. I haven’t had this much fun with a terminal since I used 4DOS in 1991.
  • If you’re like me (and the data say you are), you rarely go to now that you have ChatGPT. Stackoverflow is run by smart people – so they’re partnering with OpenAI to make sure that they have the best answers.
  • Of course, nothing to do with AI is without drama and hype,. Within a day, a bunch of folks on Stackoverflow rebelled.
  • BUT – if you’re want to rise above it all and use AI responsibly, there’s this aptly named article on How to Implement AI — Responsibly
  • Finally – every pointy-haired boss who pays for github co-pilot for their teams wants to know if it makes teams more productive. This is the only article I’ve read that has a research based bias. –Measuring GitHub Copilot’s Impact on Productivity. Of course none of those metrics are available to the pointy-haired bosses, but GitHub released a bit of the API in beta recently.

That’s all – or that’s AI – whichever works best for you. See you in a week.

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