Five for Friday – May 19, 2023

Oh hey – it’s Friday again already. Things are a bit…busy for me, but my random bits of reading still led to a few things I thought were worth sharing.

  • Abi Noda, Margaret-Anne Storey, Nicole Forsgren, and Michaela Greiler just published a fantastic paper on developer productivity – but rather than link directly to the article, I think a better starting point is Abi’s post about it – A New Approach To Measuring Developer Productivity
  • I can’t not share this post with a little info about the new gig. This article on engineering at NBCU came out this week.
  • I just started reading A New Way to Think. So far I like it – and can see myself recommending it, but it’s also not (yet) as awesome as the reviews make it out to me. I’ll update y’all when I finish it.
  • Every once in a while, someone forwards me the Choose Boring Technology post from Dan McKinley – which I like…but I often push back on it a bit. It’s like I learned in college music theory courses – we spend almost two years learning rules (choose boring), but then talked about breaking the rules (i.e. taking risks – of course based on the rules. Anyway – that’s a whole blog post.
    This week, I found an article from last year that says “Boring” is just one strategy. And it’s right.
  • And finally, this Indian tea shop is the first (as far as I know) to ride the wave of Chat GPT. No, they don’t use AI for their recipes, they just have a cool name.

And that’s all. Time to go play in traffic or something else unhealthy. Have fun this weekend.

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