Five for Friday – November 10, 2023

Busy week this week, but still ran across a few things worth sharing.

  • At one point in my life, I was a coding font nerd. In the days before a million font choices, I would take painstaking amounts of time to find the exact font that would “accelerate my programming”. These days, I just take what I’m given. BUT – I’m kind of nerded out about the new GitHub Monaspace fonts. I’m planning a few small projects this winter (and may even do Advent of Code again), and I’m eager to play with them.
  • Speaking of Git, this brief history and overview of Git is fantastic. I got to drive one of the very first Git adoptions at Microsoft many years ago, and would have loved to have had something like this to share with the folks who had used nothing but Perforce for fifteen years. Like the fonts, it also reminds me that I miss messing with this stuff sometimes.
  • While I’m deep into software dev – if you somehow missed it, Gergeley Orosz just released The Software Engineers Guidebook – something that is bound to be on just about every serious developers bookshelf.
  • I enjoyed Jason Arbon’s Laws of Test Managememt – my favorite is The Tool Principle – Most testing tools are bought by tools.
  • And to round out this week’s list, Invincible is back (on Amazon Prime Video). I was a huge fan of season 1, so I was excited to see the first episode of season 2 come out this week.

Thanks again for reading – we’ll do it again in seven days.

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