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Thanks to everyone who attended today’s brief web seminar. I’ll try anther one in a few weeks (topic suggestions are all welcome).

Here is the video – audio tends to fade at some points (I’m investigating root cause), but hopefully it’s somewhat useful. Remember – this is my approach to (what I call) strategy – not a template that you need to follow to create your own. I hope you find some nuggets you can use.

Thoughts on Test Strategy from Alan Page on Vimeo.

And here are the slides.


  1. Alan, thanks for your talk. It was useful and interesting (I especially liked your colourful slides).
    I have a few questions:
    1. Each action (even the tiniest one) taken in an organization should contribute to the organization’s objectives positively. How does the test strategist ensure that each step outlined in the test strategy maps to the organization’s objectives and ultimately to its vision?
    2. Implementing a test strategy in a sizeable team is no mean task. Other than piloting actions and showing supporting data to other team members, what are the ways to smoothen the implementation of a test strategy?
    3. How does the test strategist know that they have arrived and it is time for the next strategy?

    I have summarized what I heard you present first and then provided my opinions on the questions above on my link. Would love to find out your thoughts on these questions.

    Thanks again and look forward to more sesssions. Keep up this good work.

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