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If you read my blog, you’re probably already sick of me, but I’ll share a few links anyway.

I gave a webinar a few weeks ago for the fine folks at EuroSTAR. Embedded recording is below. It’s a twenty minute ramble on ideas in testing. My laptop with the presentation was in front of me – and low on a table – so don’t be too distracted by my creepy eyes looking down all the time.

I took part in my first “Twinterview” (twitter interview) with the extremely nice people that run the Fusion and STANZ conferences in Australia and New Zealand. Here’s the link to the twinterview if you want to get a little more insight into what’s on my mind these days.

More details on those conference connections coming in a future post.


  1. So what conference is there in which we talk about applying new test ideas? I liked GTAC but it seems like it might have imploded when Whittaker went back to Microsoft.

    Where I’m at:
    I run a test team at a company that has a render engine and makes videos. We need to test that the engine works. That means we need to test that every canonical render works. And that means humans looking at potentially a *lot* of videos. In a short time if we want decent feedback loops. We’re solving that problem now and I’d love to talk about it as long as there’s a conference that’s not all about context-driven testing and something a little more technical. (Disclaimer: I consider myself most closely affiliated with the context-driven school.)

    I’d just like to know what decent dev conference testers go to or *any* decent test conference that devs might go to.

    You’re a tester in Xbox? I didn’t realize. You probably know davidchr. Please say hi for me!

    1. I don’t go to many dev conferences (actually, I don’t go to that many conferences at all anymore). I’d like to go to one of the Agile conferences someday, but it’s just not that high on my bucket list. For recommendations, I’d say, go to a conference that has speakers you want to meet. 90% of the value of a tech conference is in the connections you make and the conversations you have – and not from the talking heads in the front of the room. If you find a conference with three or four or more speakers you’d like to stalk, chances are you find dozens of people you can connect with and learn from.

      I see Mr. C all the time – I’ll tell him hello.

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