Five for Friday – April 27, 2018

Here are five of the things I found interesting this week.

  • It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Patrick Lencioni – this quote from him still makes me chuckle…and also wonder a bit about what happens when I’m not around.
    As a leader, you’re probably not doing a good job unless your employees can do a good impression of you when you’re not around.”
  • I’ve mentioned (or think I have) that I’m not afraid of working myself out of a job (or role). I ponder this a lot, and came across this (not new) article on Working Yourself our of a Job to Accelerate your Career.
  • I enjoyed this article on how important it is to stratify data in order to get accurate analysis.
  • Jesper Ottosen ponders, Could Modern Testing Work in the Enterprise?
  • Most importantly, I have a new dog. Meet Terra!


  1. Hey Bud,

    Karlos on this end of the conversation. Found your site just over month ago, and really enjoy your 5 for Fridays. I am product/program manager for EA, and lead a team of software developers. Your articles are relevant, informative and helpful as we are new team learning each other, best practices, and working together.

    Thanks for taking the time to produce your content.

    Usually don’t reach out, but the picture of the pup touched me more than posts. Congratulations on your new family member, Terra, enjoy!

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