Alan and Brent talk testing…

Brent Jensen and I found some time together recently to talk about testing. For some reason, we decided to record it. Worse yet, we decided to share it! I suppose we’ll keep this up until we either run out of things to say (unlikely), or until the internet tells us to shut up (much more likely).

But for now, here’s Alan and Brent talk about Testing.

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  1. Great podcast, guys! How do you document your test efforts in such a fast environment, like Brent described Bing? Alan, what challenges did you encounter on the Xbox that you never saw coming?

    Can’t wait for Episode 2!

    1. I love questions as podcast fodder – we’ll throw these on the list for ep. 3 (episode 2 is already recorded) – will post next Monday if all goes well.

      1. Thanks for the feedback, folks. @Alan: I suspect Roberto wants us to yell at each other more. @Roberto: For me, this is like bringing a knife to a machine gun fight. Alan usually slaughters me. But if it will amp the entertainment value, I’ll take one for the team. 🙂 thanks for the feedback.

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