Conferences – again!

I took some time off from speaking (too much) at conferences over the past few years. I spoke at TestBash Philadelphia a year ago (and also spoke at the Online Test Conference last summer), but 2017 (and, IIRC, 2016) have been light on me in terms of external speaking.

But I’m going to kick off 2018 (and end 2017) with a small flurry of speaking events.

  • In December, I’ll be at the Heisenbug conference in Moscow, Russia
  • In January, I’ll be speaking at the QASig meetup in Seattle
  • In March, I’ll be at TestBash Brighton talking about Experiences in Modern Testing
  • In May, I’ll be at STAR East giving a workshop on web testing tools

Hope to catch up with some of you in person at those events.

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