Talkin’ bout evolution

Purely random non-testing info here, but important if you ever need to pick me out of a crowd. I’ve been having hair issues recently, and it’s been pointed out that I’ve become difficult to recognize. This blog post is your clue to finding me should I ever fall off the grid.

Once upon a time (you know – college), I had long hair – long enough that I could reach behind my back and touch it. I kept it long until about 1999 or so. One day I got up, decided I was done with long hair and got it cut off (not all of it – yet at least).

As of 2005 or so, I looked sort of like this:

Alan Page 2005 01

A few years later, my job in EE, along with prolonged exposure to small children (oldest was born in 2004) turned me into this (2007 or so – this is, incidentally, the pic I used for hwtsam, as well as my STAR East bio)


I had a problem last spring. I needed to get my hair cut, but couldn’t find the time. It bugged me so much that I took matters into my own hands and cut it all off. For the entire summer, I looked kind of like this.


A few weeks ago, I determined that hair actually provides warmth during cold weather. Today, I look like this:


I expect to have something resembling a full head of hair by the time STAR rolls around.

And now, you’re caught up. My head fashion show is over.


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