Five for Friday – April 13, 2018

  • Quote I’m pondering: “Anyone operating with a theory of leadership that assumes that experts know what is best, and that then the leadership problem is basically a sales problem in persuasion, is in our experience doomed at best to selling partial solutions at high cost” – Heifetz, et al in The Practice of Adaptive Leadership.
    I’ve been (re) studying adaptive leadership quite a bit recently, and hit home on a few of my poor-leadership experiences.
  • What I’m reading – The Five Levels of Leadership, but John Maxwell. I’ve read one of Maxwell’s other books, but I’m finding this one really valuable in forming a model in how leaders grow into better leaders.
  • I enjoyed (and shared with my team at Unity) this article on Continuous Improvement and Feature Branching. Well worth the read.
  • There was a time when PSP (Personal Software Process) was (well, not popular, but far more interesting than it should have been). I thought of PSP when I read this article on tracking time, but completely without the icky feeling of bean-counting that PSP always gave me. In fact, I’m going to try tracking what I do for a month purely for self-reflection on my own prioritization. Definitely interesting.
  • Finally, for all of my readers who enjoy my love of wine, there’s this article fro National Geographic – Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze

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