Five for Friday – April 6, 2018

  • Quote I’m pondering – “When there is trust, conflict becomes nothing but the pursuit of truth, an attempt to find the best possible answer.”
    I’ve been re-reading (in pieces), The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. I love all of his writing, but this (his only non-fiction book) has so much great information on organizational health that I find gold every time I read it.
  • I started re-reading The Advantage after thinking of it in this post: Culture is the Behavior you Reward and Punish.
  • I spent a bit of time with Docker this week. I would have spent more, but I figured out how to build a container running a web server (nginx), tweaked the configs as needed, and pushed a repo so the container could be re-created on demand in about 45 minutes. I honestly think everyone working on any sort of web tech should know the basics of docker at a minimum. It makes me want to be a new tester again so I don’t have the problems of 1994.
  • I work with people across 7 timezones. I’m good at timezone math, but not that good. This week, a co-worker pointed me to Figure it Out, and my brain is now free for other tasks
  • At Microsoft, execs often “pursue outside interests” – which in micro-speak means they were fired. Last week, I heard that Terry Myerson (former Windows exec) is pursuing outside interests. I only bring it up because my impressions of Terry while in Windows (the stupid project I worked on to make android apps run on Windows phone was technically part of Windows) were pretty low, and I think the move is good for msft (although a little slow on the action).

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