Five for Friday – February 9, 2024

Another week, another five things I found that I though were worth sharing.

  • Last week, I posted a link to a great article on writing good commit messages. Joshah then showed me Better Commits – a cli that locks you into good commit messages. Super cool!
  • Speaking (sort of) of commits, I found out about jujitsu – which seems like some cool frosting for git.
  • And while we’re still on the command line, I heard about Sudo for Windows yesterday. I haven’t used windows regularly in nearly a decade, but when I did, I never ran as admin, and wrote an “as-admin” script that allowed me to easily elevate my access for specific commands. I’m sure a million other people who weren’t dumb enough to run as admin all of the time did the same. Now I guess it’s part of windows and someone was arrogant enough to call it Sudo for Windows. You do you, Microsoft.
  • I heard about The Friction Project when Bob Sutton was on Adam Grant’s podcast a few weeks ago, and it was an instant buy for me (Suttons research on assholes is impeccable). I’m a few chapters in, and my neck hurts from nodding.
  • It’s time for one of the few times a year anyone actually watches commercials. This year, I’m prepared for funny-commercial Sunday with this set of previews.

Stay safe this weekend – see ya’ next week.

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