Five for Friday – February 2, 2024

Is it just me, or did January feel like it was about three months long? Here are a few things I spent some time with in what the calendar tells me was the last week of January.

  • I’m learning a lot from our guests on the AB Testing Podcast. Our most recent guest, Jason Arbon has an AI based test tool worth learning about – Checkie.AI
  • And before Jason, Bryan Finster was on the podcast and talked about his involvement in – which has a ton of great information.
  • Speaking of CD (sort of), Martin Fowler recently updated his wiki page on Continuous Integration, and it’s pretty freaking fantastic.
  • I despise performance reviews – not the concept as much as the wording. I prefer “career discussions” or at worst, “performance reflections”. But – corporate America is going do do what corporate America does. if you want to break out of the bubble, consider these tips on How to Create Your Own “Year in Review
  • Finally, an old article, but I’ve been thinking about pull request comments for some reason this week, and came across this old article on a favorite git commit – it’s a good reminder and tip for a lot of folks. I encourage you to click through on the links as well if you want more ideas.

Thanks for reading – see you next week.

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