Five for Friday – July 20, 2018

Another Friday list to share:

  • I finished off a few books while flying this week, including Lean Change Management, which is one of those books that makes you want to read a bunch more books. It’s full of models and references, and, given that so much of my role is about leading change and helping others lead change, is probably something I’ll keep close at hand.
  • Ronan Mehigan sent me a link to an article on Specialists vs. Generalists. I like the article, but it also reminds me why I like the notion of Generalizing Specialists and Specializing Generalists so much.
  • Maybe I’m late to the party, but I just discovered I’ve found a nice handful of articles there, including the following bullet…
  • I’m relatively new (just a few years) to Mac, and very new (a few months) to using Ubuntu as my daily machine, so I really appreciated The Shell Introduction I Wish I Had.
  • Given the state of US politics and media, I generally defer to or for a (hopefully) more neutral view, but part of my daily reading continues to be the wonderful daily summary on What The Fuck Just Happened Today

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