Five for Friday – July 7, 2023

Last week, I scheduled this post, and somehow in doing that I (debatable) made it a private post for subscribers only. That, of course, means that I’m going to schedule this post for 10 minutes from now to see what happens under careful observation.

  • I scheduled the post last week, because I was walking 70 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. I first walked on the PCT nearly 50 years ago, and have been a bit infatuated with it (off and on) ever since. Someday, I’d like to walk all 2650 miles of it.
  • Open Org recently released their Employee Handbook Template – and it’s kind of cool – or at least worth checking out.
  • I’m currently balancing my DM and Group Chat time between Teams and Slack (weird, but true). I’m pretty sure I don’t want this, but in my haphazard searching to try and see how other folks balance this, I found that some teams just give up and use a tool like Mio Dispatch to make them both feel like one tool.
    I’ll keep looking for a better answer.
  • I think at a lot of companies, it takes too long to get new engineers up to speed. This article on onboarding new engineers hit’s the main points (and with great citations to back up their claims).
  • Finally, some food for thought. This post asks, Are bugs and slow delivery ok? I think the question is valid – and while I agree that for some products, slow and buggy may be ok, but I disagree that it’s 95%…but I sort of hate that the author is sort of right.
    I need to ponder this some more…

That’s all for this week – apologies again for the posting mishap last week, I’ll try to keep my shit together.


  1. Yes, all posts (also historical) became private.

    I thought you did it to protest the Twitter debacle 😀

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