Five For Friday – June 1, 2018

Some interesting bits from the week

  • I took a pause on reading Why We Sleep (great content, not my favorite writing), but will continue to plow through it between more readable books.
    I’ve moved on to something I bought a while back, but finally just started – Accelerate, by Forsgren, Humble, and Kim. I’m fifty pages in, and enjoying it a lot. It ties into the Modern Testing Principle #2 pretty well so far.
  • A bit related to sleep – but a whole lot more, is this article on Killing the Eight Hour Workday.
  • Amber Race did a wonderful thing and combined The Big List of Naughty Strings with Postman tests (and wrote about it)
  • I met Constance Armitage in Brighton earlier this year, where she taught me a bit about drawing. She drew a wonderful comic describing her experience at Testbash
  • Finally, in case you missed it, you should know about the I’m a Teapot error on npm last week.

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