Five for Friday – March 2, 2018

  • Quote I’m Pondering is an old one from Elisabeth Hendrickson, but I seem to find a need to pull it out in a conversation almost every week when discussing how “agile” a team is.
    A team is agile if it delivers business value frequently, at a sustainable pace.
  • Book I’m Reading – The Age of Agile, by Stephen Denning
  • My latest webinar is posted – a panel discussion on the Future of Test Automation
  • I ditched cable TV a month or two back, and so far have been pretty happy with rabbit ears and Youtube TV (and, of course, netflix). There are some drawbacks, but nothing so severe that I regret saving a hundred bucks a month.
  • Most people wouldn’t dream of spending $400-500 on a coffee maker. But nine years ago, I bought a DeLonghi Magnifica, and it has held strong, and made wonderful coffee to help fuel my day that entire time (ok – it did need service for the grinder once). For those with a similar model, I typically brew with the two cup button, with level and strength set to 10 and 2 respectively.

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