Five for Friday – May 14, 2021

This week flew by, but I still found a few interesting things worth sharing.

  • Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) have a great article on hybrid work that makes a lot of great points.
  • Then there’s this article talking about the ability of “geriatric millennials” to lead our new hybrid workforce. I have some arguments, but it’s interesting enough to share.
  • One of my favorite authors / books (Ray Dalio / Principles) has inspired yet-another-what-are-you-good-at assessment. If you’re interested, my main archetype in this assessment is The Explorer.
  • This is a great (and important) article on simplifying the customer journey.
  • Mississippi voters approved medical marijuana in the recent election – but the approval was voided because the Mississippi constitution requires one-fifth of signatures from each of their five congressional districts…but since 2000, they only have four congressional districts. Completely bizarre and more emphasis of what’s wrong with politics and law. Read it yourself.

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