Five for Friday – September 25, 2020

  • 49 days until the US Presidential election. If you’re reading this in the US, make sure you’re registered – and double check your registration frequently. You can register, and confirm that you’re registered on
  • I guess code for Windows XP leaked somewhere on the internet. I doubt it’s helpful (or interesting) given that XP isn’t supported anymore, but reading the article made me wonder if Windows is enough of a non-thing now that it should just be open-sourced.
  • I’m oddly addicted to trivia questions. I know a lot about a little (but not really a lot about much at all). I just ordered this Trivia Calendar to to fuel my addiction.
  • I’m glad someone wrote this down. Don’t Be Clever
  • Nice post from Julian at Haystack on experimenting with process (including canceling standups)

See you next week.

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