Five for Friday – October 2 2020

This year has been a great ten years. Here’s some stuff to share.

  • Probably a repeat from a few years ago, but this site (and ABTesting) are hosted by chemicloud (affiliate link). Nearly 3 years into using them for hosting, and they haven’t dropped a step. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes for support.
    I’ve updated my plan, so this site should be ever-so-slighly faster.
  • I’ve been using Joplin for notes for a while, but it wasn’t quite good enough to keep my eyes from wandering, so now I’m experimenting with using Notion for my cross platform note taking.
  • Worth calling out here (and thanks Chris for clueing me in) – Rocco Prestia – the fantastic bassist from Tower of Power passed away this week.
  • This article on linkedin turning into a cringefest is spot-on
  • Wear a damn mask (xkcd for options)

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