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This web site is the web home of Alan Page (the software tester, not the former Minnesota Viking). You can get to my blog here, find some of my published works here, or find out more about me below.


I started my career as a software tester in 1993, and joined Microsoft in 1995. Throughout my career, I've tested a lot of things, including audio and midi software, networking components and drivers, debuggers, filesystems, and several other layers of operating systems. I was one of the first Test Architects at Microsoft and remain the chair of the Microsoft Test Architect Group.


Currently, I'm a Principal SDET (Software Deign Engineer in Test) on the Office Lync team. I was previously the Director of Test Excellence at Microsoft, where I was in charge of training programs for Microsoft's 10,000 testers, and led various other initiatives for the company-wide test discipline.


I've written several magazine articles for Better Software, StickyMinds, and other publications. I wrote How We Test Software at Microsoft with Bj Rollison and Ken Johnston, and contributed a chapter on large scale test automation to Beautiful Testing.


I'm a frequent presenter at testing conferences, and give semi-frequent web seminars.


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About Angry Weasel


Once upon a time, I was a musician (I have a masters degree in music composition and taught music in public schools for 4 years). I was playing in a funk band once in search of a new name. Naming a band is serious business, but as a 9 piece band, we had a hard time coming up with a name that everyone could agree on. The name we almost settled on was Angry Weasel - but the guitarist (who nobody liked anyway) vetoed it.


The name itself came from a friend of the band who told this story about car trouble in Germany with a side story about a bystander saying something about "angry weasels" and to "beware of the tooth of the weasel" (much of the details are long forgotten, but there were German accents and mock beaver teeth involved).


Another reason we didn't pick the name was was that somehow, during one of the first tellings of the story about weasel teeth, Angry Weasel became my nickname. It suited me at the time and it stuck. My bandmates called me "Weasel" or "a-dub". I played the part on stage and probably scared several otherwise nice people during some vocal growling matches whilst singing and playing Jaco Pastorious tunes. It was a fun time, but the name was forgotten when the band finally broke up.

Band Shot


I did, however, procure the domain, and for a time kept it active. I let the hosting expire a few years ago and sort of forgot about it. I had been thinking about moving my stuff to its own site for a while, and was trying to think of a creative name for my new web home. Somewhere between running a whois query on and, I remembered about angry weasel. Then I spent another month thinking about the name and what I wanted on the site before coming to the conclusion that it was time for a return of the Angry Weasel nickname to my life. I pre-paid hosting for a year, so I guess I'm sort of committed.


And who knows - maybe this will also turn into the web site of my new band someday.