Five for Friday – January 29, 2021

We all made it through another week. Here’s some stuff for you to check out.

Five for Friday – January 22, 2021

Here are a few of my favorite articles I found this week

See you next week.

Five for Friday – January 15, 2021

Welp – it’s been another one of those weeks. Here’s some stuff I found that helped me get by.

  • I’m still on a fiction break. This week, I read Ready Player Two – and it wasn’t bad. I definitely enjoyed the first book more, but this one was enjoyable and a good read (and I’m a sucker for all of the 80s pop culture references)
  • A lot of you may have heard me talk about how World of Warcraft and self-organizing teams are similar (I call it the World of Warcraft guide to Project Management). Here’s a recent post with a very similar (and more in depth) take.
  • Another great article talking about the rise of the chief of staff role.
  • This article on why we need data engineers and not data scientists is well-written, logical, and IMO about time someone wrote this.
  • This is the last FfF I’ll ever write during the presidency of the worst human being ever to hold the office. If you’re out of the loop, read this to see how fucked up things are in the U.S. right now.

Five for Friday – January 8, 2021

What a week to start off the year. Hopefully, it’s just leftover 2020 continuing to fester. Here’s some new stuff to talk about.

Five for Friday – December 11, 2020

I am taking the rest of the year off, so this the last FfF of 2020. Let’s hope 2021 goes just a little bit better.

  • There’s been a lot of lying with statistics in the news recently, so I was happy to see this article about the data literacy needed to better understand what’s going on with covid vaccine trials
  • I updated my Synology NAS this week – I pulled the drives out of my old unit, plugged them into the new unit, and I was up and running in minutes with all of my data intact.
  • Earlier in the pandemic, I played through Ori and the Will of the Wisps – I liked it so much that recently played through Ori and the Blind Forest, and I enjoyed it just as much.
  • This is a fascinating story of an almost engineering disaster
  • Worth mentioning that the Sounders are in the MLS cup again. Match is tomorrow – watch it.

Five for Friday – December 4, 2020

The year keeps puttering along – here are a few things I found interesting this week.

  • I’ve been spending a lot of time recently learning about “FinOps” – the website has some information, but I’m finding a lot of interesting info as I scour the net (book reco coming next week. If you happen to be in this field, would love to talk.
  • I’m…not good with photo editing (but working on it). One easy thing that’s helped is for automatic removal of image backgrounds. I wish I knew about it sooner.
  • I’ve been binging a bit on the Chaos Community video series. The episodes are quirky and informative.
  • I’m working on creating more opportunities for self-organizing teams within my org, and this article on reimagining the org chart gave me a lot to think about.
  • My leadership philosophy shifted the first time I read Lencioni when I realized that as a manager, my first team is my peer org. This article on first team has a great view on that concept.

Five for Friday – November 27, 2020

Once again – here are a few things to share from my week.

  • I read Malcom Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers this week – it was good, but even better than I expected. As usual with a Gladwell book, a lot of insights and great story telling
  • The latest State of Devops report is out. I always find these interesting.
  • I’ve been away from any serious code for a while, but TIL about git switch and git restore.
  • I mostly stay out of the test community on twitter these days – I’d love to say it was because I wanted to create space, but it’s mostly because I just don’t think about many of those things as much as I used to. I did to a lot of reflection today, however, after reading this article from Fiona Charles.
  • And finally, WTF, Microsoft?

Five for Friday – November 20, 2020

Yet another busy week in the world, but I still found a few cool things to share.

Five for Friday – November 13, 2020

Between crying and lying, it’s been an interesting week. Here are a few things I liked.

Five for Friday – November 6, 2020

You may have noticed that there was an election in the US this week.

  • Because you (or your friends and relatives) may need it – here’s the wikipedia article explaining our (U.S.) archaic process for electing presidents.
  • Like a lot of people, I don’t have cable, and was a bit worried about watching live news coverage of the election. Fortunately, I found, and it gave me everything I needed and more.
  • Some guy named Alex is now internet famous (w/ me at least) for writing a scraper to show some key stats about the elections in the remaining undecided states.
  • It’s no secret that I’m a Pat Lencioni fan. A recent concept of his that I really like is the six types of genius, and it’s worth checking out.
  • A clever software engineer named his company, “><SCRIPT SRC=HTTPS://MJT.XSS.HT> LTD (hopefully that shows up correctly when I publish this)