Angry Weasel Twenty-Seventeen Recap

It’s been a pretty remarkable 2017 for me – so much so, that it’s worth (for me) a little reflection.

This time last year, I had made the choice to leave Microsoft (but hadn’t told anyone yet). I went into work the week after Christmas (when nobody is there), and quietly cleaned out a bunch of personal stuff (I didn’t know if my resignation would be met with a “walk to the door” or not). Many of my reflections at the time made it into The Breakup, and the feelings that went into that post haven’t changed.

I officially left Microsoft in mid-January, and after a week off, began a journey at Unity that I have had absolutely zero regrets about. It’s been such a good mixture of problems I know how to solve (same movie, different cast), brand new challenges I don’t know how to solve, and wonderful, passionate people every direction I go. My new direct reports have all helped me so much in learning about the people and business at Unity.

In the meantime, I’m super-proud of the direction of the AB Testing Podcast, and how it’s helped me in my role at Unity (and how Unity have given me freedom to experiment using the principles of Modern Testing that Brent and I discuss frequently). Based on our vague plans for 2018, I’m even more excited about where our podcasting journey will take us.

I blogged a bunch of times – sometimes about testing, sometimes about Unity, and sometimes a combination. I also started the Five for Friday series which I hope folks find valuable.

I had a light speaking schedule in 2017 (although less light than the previous year where I was pretty much locked inside of Microsoft). I spoke at the Online Testing Conference, and then late in the year at Heisenbug. Next year is kicking off with three external talks in the first half of the year – that’s a bit more than I’d like to do, but an achievable task.

Back in July, I asked testers to join me in cleaning up the Wikipedia page on Software Testing. I think the page can be a lot more clear and reflect the state of the industry much better. While my contribution has been close to nil, it’s been great to see a few folks from the community step up and make incremental change. I’m not big on resolutions, but I do plan to play a bigger role in making the site a bit better for the masses in the coming year.

I’ve also had a chance to balance a hectic work schedule, kids with homework, and my own health. I began 2017 with a goal to run 510 miles (820km) (10 miles for every year of my age). While I thought it would be a slam dunk; I didn’t anticipate travel, live, and a month taking care of my dad in September. I made it to 480 miles though, and I’m confident that, barring injury, that I’ll make it to 520 easily next year. The good news is that since leaving Microsoft, the combination of lower stress and a bit more chance to exercise has dropped my blood pressure more than 10 points, and I’ve been able to lose 25 pounds (12kg).

I hope everyone reading had a fantastic 2017, and I hope we cross paths soon and often in 2018.

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