Five for Friday – December 8, 2023

Hi folks – FfF is going to be sporadic over the remainder of the year due to travel, breaks, etc. But…I found some stuff this week worth reading.

  • This is a few months old, but this article on Death by a Thousand Microservices makes a lot of great points.
  • I read a lot of Seth Godin, but I don’t link to his posts very much. This one, however, is excellent. All of his posts are short, and easy to read in a minute – but most will make you think and reflect for much longer.
  • Another older one – this came out of a conversation I was having around pitch and frequency, and wondering exactly how music detection algorithms work. My guess was close, but massively incomplete. This article on How Shazam Works, answered all of my questions.
  • I’ve written before how much I’m a fan of The First Minute by Chris Fenning – as it teaches you an easy to use framework for framing conversations and getting to the point quickly. I thought this simple article on How To Introduce Yourself is fantastic as well for, and something here for all of us to learn.
  • Finally, another must-read (IMO) for leaders – The Key To Building A Psychologically Safe Team

If you don’t hear from me again until January, have a great holiday season. Catch up with you soon.

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