Five for Friday – July 6, 2018

Summer’s here, but good stuff keeps on happening. Here are 5 things I found interesting this week:

  • Chris George wrote a great article on how he’s applying Modern Testing at his job.
  • Not a new article, but new to me. Why being right doesn’t matter.
  • Also not new, but something I watched this week and recommend is this Ted Talk from Atul Gawande (author of the Checklist Manifesto and more) on why you should get a coach.
  • This. Is. So. Bad. Mining public passwords.
  • Finally, the FIFA World Cup has been hugely entertaining this year, and barring a continued run of form for France (I’m cheering for France, so they’re bound to lose), we may have a first time champion. Even more interesting, this is the first time EVER where one of Germany, Brazil, or Argentina are not in the semi-final. (Wikipedia link)

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