Five for Friday – April 10, 2020

I don’t know what day it is anymore. Fortunately I live by my calendar and a list of reminders in Todoist, so I know I should be posting interesting things I found on the internet.

  • Ministry of Testing is doing a TestBash Home event. It’s 24 hours of presentations and discussions that looks like it’s going to be awesome. Check it out
  • I stumbled by this article on Asynchronous Communication for Teams that I really liked
  • This article on dealing with incidents (Help, the Site is Down) is filled with great advice.
  • A little work involved, but in the category of things you didn’t know you needed, is this article telling you how to Browse YouTube Using Slack Commands
  • Like many others, I binged Tiger King on Netflix – an odd mix of documentary and a view into batshit crazy people that was both cringe-worthy and addicting.
    I’m glad it’s over.


  1. Who would have guessed that people who privately own Tigers, are crazy? I guess it took someone who dressed crazy to highlight the craziness…? LOL

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