The New World

I mentioned on twitter that Barack Obama and I both left our old jobs on the same day. The world has been a very different place for both of us since then.

Twitter is full of politics – and I’m completely ok with that, and happy to join in with my own opinions and thoughts. I’ve marched, I’ve protested, and I’ve done a lot of learning (and re-learning) about civics, politics, and done what I can to become as educated as possible.

Meanwhile, I have a new job, and a lot to learn about a new company, code, practices, people, and culture. I absolutely love it so far, and I know I’m only scratching the surface of what there is to learn. I’ve asked a lot of questions (even a few that actually seemed smart), but I’m still at the stage where everything I discover unveils three more things I need to learn.

In eight days at the company, I’ve spent two days in San Francisco (where we’re hiring testers for my team in Ads and Analytics – ping me for more info), and two days in San Diego (where I crashed a hack week to meet more people from my team). Combine that with the work-at-home-snow-day that was Monday, and tomorrow will be just my fourth day at my desk (but I think I’m in a non-traveling state for at least another week).

My new team is spread across offices in Bellevue, Austin, Helsinki, Odessa, Copenhagen, and Montreal. I’ve been to half of those cities before, and look forward to visiting folks in the others (odds are that Helsinki is up next).

Too early to share Unity testing stories, but I’m sure those (or stories inspired by Unity) will be on the blog soon. Until then, wish me luck on trying to get a reasonable drink of water from the current firehose of learning.

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  1. I wish you all the best Alan. You can extend your new company to Kosice, Slovakia, where we live & work in kind of “silicon valley”, but we call it Kosice IT Valley (feel free to check web…). If you need testers, we are one of the best in Europe. Cheers.


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