Five for Friday – February 7, 2020

  • I just finished a re-read (or the first read of the second edition) or Release It! It is crammed full of things that everyone working on a website or software service should know – including this painful nugget:
    GitHub currently shows 288,093 commits with the title “Removed password.” Tomorrow that number will be higher.
  • Sometimes I don’t remember how I found an article, but I do know that it resonates. This article on Systems Thinking for Product Design aligns a lot with my approaches
  • Yet-another – but probably the best list of how-to-git is here
  • I’ve become one of those people who ocassionally uses icons as small graphics in their presentations. I’m sure I’ll bore of it soon – in the meantime, The Noun Project is the best source I’ve found for CC-licensed icons.
  • In years of helping teams improve, one consistency I’ve noticed is that teams usually don’t recognize all of their technical debt. This article on a Wall of Tech Debt is one way to help with that deficiency

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