Five for Friday – February 8, 2019

This FfF is slightly later in the day than normal due to the Seattle snow-pocalypse.

  • I drove my daughter home from an appointment this afternoon. It was snowing, the roads were mostly wet, but it took almost 3 hours to drive twelve miles mostly because people were being stupid. Please, Seattle area readers, read this
  • Now that’s off my chest, good to see one of my former employees at Unity post this article on Building large scale cloud infrastructure using shared components
  • On the AB Testing podcast, Brent and I often talk about time as the one resource that you can’t control. I’m still re-reading High Output Management by Andy Grove, and highlighted this quote. Nobody has more time than anyone else. Time comes from decisions. “Remember too that your time is your one finite resource, and when you say “yes” to one thing you are inevitably saying “no” to another.”
  • Everything is about Docker these days, and I learned a lot from this article on Docker and Security
  • I spoke at the Heisenbug conference in December 2017. It is an extremely well-organized conference, and it was a lot of fun. Their CFP for a 2018 St Petersberg event is up here

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