Five for Friday, February 1, 2019

It’s the FfF travel edition In the past ten days, I’ve been in Copenhagen, Bastad (Sweden), back to Copenhagen, Montreal, and I’m currently waiting to board a flight from Minneapolis back to Seattle.

  • I’m re-reading High Output Management by Andy Grove. So far, it’s as good as I remember.
  • I sort of read a lot – so much that sometimes I forget where I read something. I’ve had a good time cross-referencing my book recollections using google Talk to Books. It’s worth bookmarking
  • We’re all busy, and we all seem to want more time. This article on time strategies is a good place to remind all of us how to put time back onto our calendar
  • A recent FfF included a video on learning Kubernetes. Now that you have the basics, here’s a list of Kubernetes failure stories
  • Last but not least, Lisa Crispin is back (in my FfF posts) with an article on ML in Testing

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