Five for Friday – July 19, 2019

Here we go again…

  • You know how I always rave over Cindy Sridharan’s articles? Well, it turns out she curates a collection of awesome articles on github. Be like me make a clone now.
  • Apparently, Google is paying up to $30k for Chrome bugs.
  • Here’s yet another reminder on using failure as an opportunity to reflect on strengths
  • I’m working through the latest season of Designated Survivor on Netflix and thinking that Kiefer is a far better choice for a celebrity president
  • I had an internet “discussion” with someone a few weeks ago about Major League Soccer – they insisted it was a top ten league in the world, and I insisted it was barely top 20, if that.
    Now, there’s data (and I love data). According to this web site, MLS is the 19th best (by calculating the “Average Power Index” of each league).

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