Five for Friday – September 8, 2023

So much going on this week, but as usual, thought of a few things worth sharing.

  • Way back in November 2017, I was on the Testers Island Discs podcast, where I shared five songs I’d listen to while stranded on a desert island. One of those songs was Twin Rocks Oregon, by Shawn Mullins – who I got to see and hang out with a bit last night. Always great to see him play, and I think most people know that I’m a sucker for singer songwriters.
  • Something else I’m frequently fond of are articles about Feedback Loops. I enjoyed this one on Optimizing Feedback Loops
  • I took the AWS icon quiz this week. It’s awesome and it’s dumb, and I don’t know anyone who got more than 4 right.
  • I posted about the McKinsey article last week, and found another reaction to it this week that (I think) is worth reading.
  • Finally this week is a great article The Slowest GitHub PRs In Recorded History. Pretty interesting stuff, and I wish I would have tracked something similar when I was at $job -2.

The sun is out in Seattle – have a great weekend everyone.

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