Five for Friday – June 14, 2019

  • I’m reading the Lean Product Playbook – which has this quote (similar to the Poppendiek quote I also frequently mention.
    As Dave McClure of 500 Startups said, “Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems.”
  • Here’s an article on two of my favorite things – Kanban and Crossing the Chasm – Crossing the Kanbasm
  • A few weeks old, but the Unity blog has a profile of my skip-level boss
  • I was vegetarian for about 15 years but began eating meat again about 5 years ago. Butcherbox has been a great way for me to get quality meat on a regular basis. The link above is not a promo link, but ping me if you want to join and get a free package of bacon in each box, because I think I have a link for that.
  • The 2019 State of Testing report is out – check it out.

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