Five for Friday – June 15, 2018

A few points of interest from my week.

  • My quote to ponder is from Jerry Weinberg – “Unless and until all members of a team have a common understanding of the problem, attempts to solve the problem are just so much wasted energy.”
    Take a moment to reflect how often you’ve seen this yourself firsthand.
  • I’ll also share five-quotes-in-one from this Forbes article on 5 Quotes That Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Leadership Storytelling.
  • For a variety of reasons, I’ve been revisiting the posts from Roy Osherove on – most of the posts are years old, but most are also still relevant and worth reading.
  • Apparently, it’s webinar season.
  • I had a chance to talk with the CTO of Wevo this week – I think the concept of the company is fantastic (using ML to predict better design), and I think they’re a company to watch.

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