Five for Friday – March 15, 2019

I took a ski day today – snow was soft, but held up pretty well until the afternoon. Here are a few things I read this week worth sharing.

  • I’ve been reading a lot about feedback recently. Forbes had a good article this week on Flawless Feedback for Ferocious Teams
  • This article hit a little too close to home. The Planned Obsolescence of Old Coders
  • Most articles on productivity suck. This one does not.
  • I bought a refurbished Kindle Fire 10 this week for $119. It took me less than 15 minutes to get google play services running on it. It’s a ridiculously good deal (IMO)
  • …and now I have a great tool for reading comics on Marvel Unlimited. I’m re-reading some of my childhood favorites right now, and really enjoying revisiting this little bit of my past.

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