Five for Friday – March 8, 2019

  • I’m still reading Scrum Mastery by Geoff Watts, but came across this paragraph that I’m sure seems relevant to my line of thinking.
    Similarly, I have met many who believe that you have to have a special mindset to be a good tester. Developers, they say, are a different breed. As such, they can’t be trusted to test. Again, this nonsensical point of view is almost certainly going to become self-fulfilling. The more that developers are not trusted to test, the more they will be unable to test and the more they will shirk the responsibility of writing good code.
  • I shared this article (along with some commentary) about feedback.
  • Once again, the Netflix Tech blog has a relevant and good article. How Data Inspires Building a Scalable, Resilient and Secure Cloud Infrastructure
  • Also from HBR (sorry for those without a subscription for burning your monthly reads), is this article: The Best Leaders Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help
  • Windows calculator is open source. Not too many insights, I expect. It’s a calculator 🙂

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