Five for Friday – May 18, 2018

Five things on my mind – or interesting this week:

  • I recently re-read a chunk of The Lean Startup, and highlighted yet-another-quote-about-failure-and-learning.
    When blame inevitably arises, the most senior people in the room should repeat this mantra: if a mistake happens, shame on us for making it so easy to make that mistake.” — Eric Ries
  • …which leads well into this article (it’s from last month, but I just found it this week), on what it really means to Go Fast and Break Things.
  •  I tweeted to my web provider last week about getting free SSL (they currently charge a minimum of $8 a month for SSL on The bot(?)-driven replies and emails leads me to believe that web hosting is a highly competitive market. Overall, it looks like I can save a few bucks a month AND get ssl up and running. So far, leading contenders are Interserver and Chemicloud. I am, of course, open to other options (needs are hosting of two wordpress sites, domain email, and at least 10GB of storage.
  • It’s almost World Cup time, and it was interesting to see that a simulation done by UBS predicted that Germany would win (they’re probably right), but more interestingly, they gave Italy a 1.6% chance of winning. For my non-football/soccer readers this is interesting because Italy did not quality for the World Cup.
  • And finally, it’s yet-another well written article on the Netflix Tech blog – Full Cycle Developers at Netflix?—?Operate What You Build

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