Five for Friday – May 25, 2018

Wow – where did that week go? Here are few things I found worth pondering this week.

  • There will be a full blog post with details, but I had one too many pieces of hardware fail after an ill-timed Windows update, and a few too many settings changes after the same, and I flipped out a bit.
    The good news is that I was able to get everything I needed to run in order to do my job running on Ubuntu in only a few hours.
  • I’m giving a presentation to a small group of peers next week on data analysis, and I’m reminded of this quote by Josh Wills at Slack.
    “Data Scientist (n.): Person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician.”
  • Yet another great post from Michael Lopp on professional growth – Your Professional Growth Questionnaire
  • I’ve mentioned Radical Candor here before, but this is a great post on giving feedback – A Manager’s Guide for Effectively Giving Feedback
  • It’s GDPR day. I won’t hyperlink GDPR, but I will give you a link to The GDPR Hall of Shame


  1. GDPR is so much fun, you Americans really need to try it out.
    It’s so much fun, and a little but scary, to see mails from places you don’t even remember you registered to (or never did, at least directly) ranging from reminding, asking nicely, begging, threatening or just accepting their defeat.

    My second machine is Linux, I was able to garbage it more than once lately and it took me an hour or two to set it up for my needs again.
    But this only works for a secondary machine, or development only machines in a Linux environment, try that for a general use machine or simply more complex environment and you’ll see that Windows 10 (or whatever it is called today) is not that terrible and is not the only one with compatibility problems.

    I would even confess that I find Office relatively usable, not much less or more than similar tools from other companies that provide similar functionality and integration. The only big unanswered question is about my beloved OneNote- why did you have to do everything in a different way ?

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