Five for Friday – November 3, 2023

We are officially in the end game of 2023, but the internet continues to supply me with interesting things to read.

  • I’m currently re-reading The Surprising Science of Meetings. I forgot I read it, but I ran into it again, thought about buying it, but fortunately the online retailer known as “the jungle” reminded me that I already bought it. It’s still a great read the second time through.
  • I am a super-fan of Jeli. Nora and her team built an amazing product that really helps teams learn from their mistakes – so I’m amazed and excited and all the feels over the news this week that PagerDuty is acquiring Jeli. It’s a great match, and I’m excited to see how the partnership develops.
  • Lisa Crispin posted a great article this week on Leading quality in software organizations, and I strongly agree with her conclusions.
  • I am a big believer in Trust and Safety as cornerstones of good teams, so I loved this article on What makes an effective development team.
  • I wrote recently on the other blog about interviews, where I touched on the pros and cons of behavioral questions. This article on improving interview questions is much better and worth a read.

And now I’ve counted to five one more time, so it’s time to hit publish (or in this case, schedule the publish) and get on with my day.

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