Five for Friday – October 14, 2022

I’m tired, so that must mean it’s Friday again. Here are a few things I think are worth sharing.

  • Speaking of tired, I don’t think I ever shared this burnout quiz from Yerbo. It tells me that I’m tired, but not burnt out, which feels about right. Also note that as of the time I’m writing this, the results page is 404ing, but that may be just me.
  • I’m in a constant quest for the perfect (for me) note taking app. I tried Obsidian a year (ish) ago, and it worked pretty well, but getting it to sync properly between my laptop and phone was a pain. But – I played with SyncThing, and I’m pretty happy so far. Obsidian uses plain markdown, so it’s lightweight and does just about everything I need it to.
  • A head-nodder of an article on more stuff people screw up – Why is being “Done” in Agile teams so tragically misunderstood?
  • Yet another article from LeadDev (and from Abi Noda) that’s relevant to me, at least. What is a developer experience team?
  • I am currently reading Build Better Teams by George Karseras. It is based on well-organized research, and brings together a lot of leadership and team building knowledge that is critical for leaders to understand.

And that’s it for another week. See you In Only Seven Days.

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