Five for Friday – October 4, 2019

  • I recently re-read (skimmed) Steve McConnell’s Software Estimation, Demystifying the Black Art. When I met with Microsoft Press to pitch HWTSAM, they gave a hot-off-the press new copy, and while some of the book feels “old school”, it’s still filled with foundational estimation knowledge.
  • I work at home, and absolutely need a quiet PC – my old power supply was acting up, so I picked up a Corsair HXI 750 – not only is it quiet, it’s so quiet that there’s a button on the power supply to manually spin up the fan in case you’re wondering if it’s working.
  • One of the cool things with the Corsair is that it plugs into an open USB interface on the motherboard (or, if you must, you can run a cable outside the box to an external port) in order to read temperature and load levels. Of course, their app is windows only, but there’s a nice command line app for viewing and controlling the drive on github.
  • One reason for WiP (work in progress) limits is to reduce multi-tasking. Another is to make sure we finish things so we can get feedback. This article – The Cost of Waiting for Feedback in Software Development talks about why.
  • No intro needed – Agile vs. Lean – Explained by Cats

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